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EvMUTE is a resident application that automatically changes the sound function to mute mode when you try to close or quit your computer.

Next time you tried to use a personal computer, the sound function is always in the mute mode. It prevents accidents that generate unintended sound output.

By using this application, you can start using the PC with confidence during a quiet conference, public places, night when the family has slept, etc.

If you want to stop mute mode, you need to click on the task tray icon of EvMUTE or use the standard sound function for making sounds.

Donations and support for EvMUTE’s development

Although the installer version is released as free software, we would greatly appreciate it if those who are able could support our development through the Microsoft Store version accessed from the banner link below.

Installer Edition (Free)

v1.0.3 (May 19, 2019)  Added help file. / Updated English translation.
v1.0.1 (Feb 20, 2019)  Fixed a problem that will be muted at startup on Modern Standby machine.
v1.0.0 (Feb 18, 2019)  First Public Release Version.

Microsoft Store Edition (Shareware)

v1.0.4 (Jan 16, 2021) Added support for Windows 10 on ARM64.

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